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Ted Cowan

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  • Email: tedcowan@weber.edu
  • Office: SLCC Redwood Rd Campus, Tech. BLDG, Room 133
  • Phone: (801) 957-4769
  • Ted Cowan
  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science
    WSU CS Program Coordinator at SLCC


1999 – Masters of Business Administration, Technology Management, University of Phoenix.

Certified Project Management Professional since 1999.

1989 – Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Weber State College

1979 – Associate of Applied Science, Data Processing, Utah Technical College.

Current field of Study

I am drawn to small computing devices such as the iPhone and other PDAs. I am particularly interested in personal productivity tools for business and education. My personal computing platform of choice is the Macintosh, to the general embarrassment of the CS department. I am a total fan of Linux and my favorite distro is Ubuntu.

Biggest Accomplishment in CS

I reverse engineered a disk utility for which our company had lost the source code in order to fix a disastrous defect. I wrote code that enabled UnixWare servers to mount NetWare volumes and implemented NCP 95. I wrote a software maintenance tool that implemented temporary source code changes by “zapping” object modules. As a project manager I delivered the next generation printing subsystem with two corporate partners, taking over a project 2 years behind schedule. I have written and delivered systems on IBM mainframes, Novell NetWare, SVR4 UNIX, NeXT, even migrating a BASIC application from the Commodore 64 to the Radio Shack Model 16. My favorite personal project was deploying a software-based packet radio application running on the TRS-80 Model 1.

Something Interesting

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and survived the most powerful earthquake in North America, the 1964 Alaska Earthquake. I am an Extra class Amateur Radio operator with callsign KC7PM.