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The Computer Science program at WSU has been a great success. The overall enrollments in CS classes have more than doubled in the recent years, going from 705 in 2007 to 1552 in 2014, which increased the number of CS majors from 434 to 783 in the same period of time. As a result, there were over 150 BS and AAS degrees awarded by CS in 2013.

Across the university, the Computer Science department ranks as the fifth highest program in the number of degrees conferred to graduating students. The department is experiencing significant growth and has hired 5 new faculty over the past 3 years. However, given all the interest in the program and the signs of continuing expansion, only 2.3% of our students receive scholarships through direct support from department donors.

Professionals in CS are needed in all kinds of fields, from entertainment and communications, to medical/health disciplines, space exploration, and all varieties of scientific research. If a student is considering one of the discipline mentioned above, a CS degree is the best start.

By donating to our general scholarship fund, you will help students and their families with their education and college experience. Invest in Utah’s future by supporting our undergraduates. “WSU Department of Computer Science – A Bright Future for Computing”.

The article below shows the increase in recent years of Utah computer science graduates:

Utah computer science grads jump 47%


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